Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lotsa Pictures

We're still swimmin!

Jayla & Jerzey (apparently they were hungry).

Hey mom, no, I didn't see who threw the crayons on the floor.

Splash pad stud.

You got a problem with my rolls?

Someone is very proud of his completed puzzles.

Jayla says, "What's that?"

Sometimes it's fun to holler!

Daddy & JJ wait in line for the big slide at Cyclone Fan-fest.

A long climb up....

And a quick ride down!

Jayla was NOT happy that she could not jump in the inflatables!

So, she decided to cut in line to meet Cy....again, and again, and again she tried.

Daddy explains to Jayla that she has to wait in line to meet Cy.

After Jayla's numerous attempts to get her hands on Cy, we finally decided to wait in the very, very, very loooooonnnnggg line to get our photo with him. Of course, about 25 minutes after waiting when we were only about 5 people away, Cy decided to take a break and left the facility. Or so we thought. We got fed up and left, only to find Cy out in the parking lot.

Of course, Jayla was 'all done' by this time and gave Cy a piece of her mind. Wondering where JJ is? He's hiding behind the car. He was afraid of Cy and wouldn't go near him.

At my mom's house the other day JJ picked a fresh garden tomato and ate it like an apple! Thatta boy! We have an ongoing joke in our family because Jake hates tomatoes and it grosses him out that we just slice 'em and eat 'em. Poor city boy Jake won't even try a REAL tomato.

And now, for the finale, you just have to watch this video (turn up the sound):


Christy said...

i can't get over Jayla's thighs!!! pretty sure Norah's are going to look just like that in about a year. :) too cute.

renee0576 said...

Omygosh, these pix made my day! Jayla is the most adorable chunky monkey! :) When amber was a baby, we called her the Michelin Man - rolls, rolls, rolls!
And JJ...you better hide the car keys!

Kendra Dawn said...

The slide into the pool looks like so much fun!!!!
I also love Jayla's black and white dress....we should get the girls together sometime with the same outfit on....too cute!

Kari said...

So cute! Eli loves pretending to drive my car too..funny!