Friday, August 21, 2009

3 Cool Things

Cool thing #1: We got in touch with the family that we saw at the airport last weekend! Once I found out that our social worker had also worked this family's case (which was crazy how that happened in itself) I asked our social worker to send them our email address. And, they emailed back that same day! Jake was so excited because he actually had been kicking himself that he didn't try and get their contact info at the airport....of course he had basketball on his mind and wanted the oldest boy they had adopted to come and play in his program. :) After getting in touch with them Jake wasted no time and invited them to meet us at the gym yesterday to get a tour, and talk adoptions and talk basketball! It turns out Christopher (the oldest) LOVES soccer, but they think once he sees the social aspect of Jake's program and realizes how he can meet new friends then he will like bball too. It was funny because Christopher took a few shots with the basketball and then tossed it on the ground and used it as a soccer ball, doing a bunch of soccer footwork with it for the rest of the time. :)

Anyways, we chatted at the gym for over an hour while the kids ran around. I had so many questions for them! To condense a 30 minute adoption story into a few sentences, they had started their adoption in Zambia. Through this program they had picked out children 3 different times and each time the adoption fell through. Yes, it fell through 3 times! Eventually they ended their time with the Zambia program and were led to adopt from Haiti. They said they had their paperwork turned in and done for the 2 youngest children in 2007. And it took over 2 years until they were able to bring them home. They were able to visit the children 4 different times in Haiti as the paperwork and legal process worked itself through. Eventually they also heard the story of Christopher and God put it on their heart to adopt him too. This is the abbreviated version of all of it, but it was amazing to hear all the little God-stories within the details of them waiting for the process to complete. Talk about perseverance.

My favorite part of our time with them yesterday was watching how they were able to communicate with the children, although the children did not speak English. They had such a connection with these children already, and they said much of that was due to being able to visit them so many times over the past couple of years. It's going to be so much fun getting to know this family as time goes on. I guess you never know just who you will run into at the airport!!!!

Okay, cool thing #2: A lap top has been found for Pastor Gideon! A fellow blogger read about the need on my post, then posted it on her blog, and within a few hours we had someone ready to donate! The best part is that there is a family headed to Ghana this weekend to finish their adoption, so they will be able to take the lap top with them and pass it on to Pastor Gideon. God answered this specific prayer, and I LOVE IT!

Cool thing #3 is this HUGE rainbow that appeared over our house last night after the rain:

It was so big that I had to take two pictures of it to see it end to end.

Need I say more?!


Nicoleigh said...

God sure is good!

Lori said...

Tears again! Very "COOL"!