Thursday, August 13, 2009


Alright, I have just got to share my new favorites with you!

First up, we have these super creative camera straps:

This is just one of many different patterns, colors, designs, etc. that you will find on This is the PERFECT gift for any photographer in your life! I got one of these for my mom for her birthday. They are about $40, which I think is quite reasonable for a gift, especially because they are really good quality. They just clip onto the camera in place of the branded camera strap that the camera comes with. I just ordered it online, and it shipped in about a week. PERFECTO!

Have you heard of......This is a FREE photo editing software from google. Now, I am not a professional at all, and it takes me too long to figure out a really in-depth editing program (like the ones you have to buy). Picasa has been getting me by for the past few months. This program is VERY user friendly. You can change any colored photo to black & white or sepia, add text onto pictures, create fancy collages (like the ones I put on my blog header), crop & fix pictures, etc. etc. I am sure there are many other cool things that you can do with it. To download the latest version go to:

Are you busy? I am, and when I sit down to read some application for bible verses, I want to hear it straight, concisely, and I want to be able to relate to it. When I was engaged a friend gave me the book A Power of A Praying Wife by Stormie Omartian. I fell in love with this author's writing style, how she was blunt, yet loving, and oh-so-real! She has lived this stuff, and has the stories to prove it. Her Power of Praying books are broken up into chapters, each with a different subject; each book is a different theme (she has one for parents, wives, husbands, women, etc.) Each chapter is about 4 pages long, and she gives you tons to think about for the day. At the end of each chapter is a prayer incorporating scripture and the application ideas she mentioned in the chapter. For the busy woman, these books just make sense. Here is the one I am reading now:

And now, for the first time ever, I am posting a Janel Sullivan NO FAVO! I hate to be negative, but I would hate even more for you to experience the woes of this washer:

This is the GE front load washer, model #WCVH6260 which we have owned for almost 2 years now. The problem with this washer is the 'rubber boot' which is the rubber seal directly inside the door once you open it. You know, the seal that keeps the water in while it is running. Well, the FIRST time that this rubber seal ripped, the washer was running and water leaked everywhere, including into the control panel. Luckily, the washer was still under warranty, so, we were able to get the rubber boot replaced (and the control panel wires and buttons) at no cost. Then, about 2 months later, it ripped again. This time we had to pay $200 to get it replaced since it was no longer under warranty. My request to GE for a new replacement washer was denied. At this time I was told that I was not cleaning out the pockets of our clothes enough, and anything from a pop tab, to a pen could rip this rubber seal. This is not good news for a wife who's husband seems to collect anything and everything in his pockets....I am serious, I have found the strangest things in his pockets. So, after the 2nd rip, I became a PSYCHO pocket cleaner outer. Seriously, after going 2 weeks (2 different times) without a washer, I was NOT going to have it rip again. Well, last week it ripped, once again. It's a tiny, tiny rip this time, but water is leaking everywhere....again. Seriously, can they make more of a pansy of washer? I am sure I missed a tiny piece of a tiny something in one of our pockets, and it made perfect material for another $200 rip. What ever happened to washers that lasted 15 years? I mean, I know people that throw horse saddle blankets, and boots, and all kinds of heavy, crazy things in their washers and they don't rip. Probably because they have a top load washer. I am DONE with this washer. Throwing it away. Please don't buy it!


renee0576 said...

Love your mom's camera strap! Love Picasa, too. I just ordered Photoshop Elements and realized how easy Picasa is! And as far as your washer... I think you got a lemon! :( That's awful! I have had a front load for five years and no problems. I'd never go back to another top load... you should check into a different model... try googling that model and see if anyone else has that problem. When my fridge had a problem w/ the icemaker, I googled it and TONS of people had the SAME problem! Good luck. No fun to have no washer with two little ones!

Lori said...

I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE my camera strap! And I'm going to do a post about picasa soon ;). Sorry about your washer. I hope you get a top-load really soon!

Christy said...

bummer about the washer!!! for what it's worth, we have an LG front loader and i love (almost) everything about it. i've gotten pickier about the settings since switching to cloth diapers, but if you're not super concerned about setting specific temperatures, it works wonderfully!