Monday, August 10, 2009

Culture Smart

Ghanaian Religious Values

Around 2/3 of Ghanaians are Christians, 15% are Muslims, and the rest retain animist beliefs. A Ghanaian will ask another "Which church do you go to?" rather than "Do you go to church?" This is because atheism and agnosticism are almost completely unknown in Ghana (and mostly restricted to those who have lived over seas). If you are making friends in Ghana you will surely be invited to church. Church services are very long, usually over 3 hours, and often are only in the local language. Other than Sunday morning services, there are bible study groups, prayer meetings, parades, and all-night services.

Ghanaian Proverb:
Because God does not like evil, he gave each person a name.

Things that happen in a person's life are given spiritual causes. This Ghanaian proverb implies that nobody can hide their sins from the eyes of God. A big reason why Ghanaians stick to their moral codes is that God will know if you don't. God is constantly referred to in conversation, proverbs, greetings, children's names, and explanations of natural events.

Ghanaian Proverb:
If you want to say something to God, say it to the wind.

God is considered to be everywhere.

Information from Culture Smart! Ghana, the essential guide to customs and culture

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On a different note, we found out this weekend that Nana Yaw's request for change of visa status (from a visitor's visa to a student visa) has been accepted and APPROVED!!!!!!! So, the plan is now for Nana Yaw to attend the 2009-10 school year at Des Moines Christian High School for his senior year, and then after graduation he will see where the road leads!


Lori said...

Now I know where I got the saying, "Am I just talking to the air?" :) I guess someone was listening!

Michelle said...

Cool info! And HOORAY for Nana Yaw! Great news :)