Wednesday, August 5, 2009

JJ & Jayla Update

Well, the Sullivan's can officially check off another year in the books for Daddy's basketball teams! That's right, all of our traveling is over until winter! We had a fun month of July, going out on the road with Jake for a couple of tournaments in a row. We were in Kansas City with the teams for 7 days to end out the month of July, so we got lots of gym time, and lots of family time. Jake let JJ choose each day whether or not to stay at the gym and coach with him, or head back to the hotel with the girls for naps and in the evening for baths, and the usual routine....and, I bet you can't guess what he chose.....oh yes, you thought right....he ditched the girls and wanted to stay at the gym! Some days this meant he was at the gym from 8:30am until 10pm. It sounds crazy, but I think JJ may have thought it was the best time of his life. He didn't even stick with Jake the whole time at the gym. Some games he would sit and coach with Jake, other games he would find a friend to play with on the sidelines, and late afternoon I am told he would snuggle up with his blanket on the floor and take his usual nap behind the bench as the teams played. Yes, he has 'gym rat' in his blood and it is starting to show. :) Other new things with JJ are that he has started to sing along to songs (it is so cute), and he has started getting very bossy with Jayla (not so cute). Mostly it is just over toys, and the usual where he is playing with something and she mosies her way over to him, reaches down to pick something up and he screams 'No, go away!' at the top of his lungs! Are all little sisters born knowing how to push just the right buttons to cause a major emotional breakdown in big brother? I think so. Also, an update on the bike situation. JJ is still VERY afraid of getting on his bike. Jake has decided to have him practice once a day, even it is only for 30 seconds. JJ is terrified every time he is on it, so much so that he won't pedal and can barely steer the handle bars. Hopefully he'll change his mind about it soon and see how much fun it really can be!

Other than pushing JJ's buttons, Jayla is having fun just walking around. She keeps herself entertained most of the day just playing, peeking in cupboards, looking at books, and searching out mommy and daddy for a squeeze on the legs to say she would like to be picked up for a quick hug. We had to teach her to stay off the courts during the last couple of tournaments since she had learned how to walk. The first couple of games I just gave up and took her back to the hotel because I was constantly chasing her off the courts and getting some lovely looks from the referees. But, after a few days she did better. She would start making a bee line for the court, and then right before stepping foot on it she would turn around and look at me, flash me a smile and then make an abrupt U-turn. Thatta girl! Jayla can now say the ever-wonderful 'NO!' (she only says it right after she hears JJ say it, or should I say right after he yells it), 'done', 'more', 'shoe', 'JJ', 'uh-oh', 'ow', and 'da-da'. And, she says 'ma-ma' for everything else that she wants or needs....especially when she wants to be picked up, or wants more milk. :)

Now for the pictures!

We took a trip to Ocean's of Fun while we were in KC!

They had an AWESOME kids area!

At the downtown plaza.

Who could resist wrestling on the soft plaza grass?

Jayla spots a cute puppy...later on she got to pet him.

Daddy is surely loved!

JJ and Dwight play UNO in between games. JJ befriended Dwight during this tournament and followed him everywhere!

Dwight reads to JJ.

As Great-Grandma would say, "You're askin for it, JJ!"

Daddy says, "Sometimes we have to try new things, even when we are scared."

Time to feed baby. This is serious business.

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