Monday, March 31, 2014

Jacoby ~ 2 Months!

Jacoby is 2 months old today! He is such a good baby...the best so far out of all 3. Can I say that? :) I am also way more relaxed this time around - I have learned how to release my mommy worries/anxieties to God - so I think that has also made a big difference. With JJ I was paranoid about everything, and Jayla was colicky so I spent most of my time trying to figure out how to soothe her cries. But Mr. Jacoby is content, laid back, predictable, and rocking his 3 hour eat-awake-sleep routine throughout the day. He's just starting to coo/talk a wee bit, and when he's really alert he is off to the races - literally running with his arms and legs while sitting in his infant chair or laying flat if you can picture that. His only high maintenance time of day is from about 6-8pm where he needs to be held/swayed/bounced most of that time chunk. He eats again around 8pm and then goes to bed in his own room that he shares with JJ. Right now he's waking up once in the night to eat...then he wakes up for the day usually between 6:30-7am. He is still Mr. Big Guy as I just switched him to size 3 month clothes and he won't be in them for long as far as length goes! Jacoby also has crazy long arms in proportion to the rest of his body (and matched with chicken legs) that get noticed by many! I guess he's going to have quite the wingspan! We all are loving this stage of luring out his smiles using our silly high-pitched voices. Jennifer by far is the most interested in Jacoby and is quite a natural little mother. She always wants to hold him (and will do so for lengthy chunks of time), give him his pacifier, and will never lose the opportunity to lay next to him on his blanket and interact with him. When she holds him she almost always sings to him. So thankful God blessed our desire to have another baby...enjoying it SO much this time around! Took these pics yesterday...

I also recently did a little look-alike collage of when Jayla and JJ were Jacoby's age.  That's Jayla on the left, JJ in the middle, and Jacoby on the right. :)  So fun!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

For Everything A Season

In case you’ve missed us on Instagram….well….we’ve had A LOT going on over the past months….like this…

And this!!!!!

Yes, that’s right….a sweet little blessing joined our crew on February 3, 2014. Jacoby Jeremiah Sullivan. And you can be sure that he is receiving no shortage of attention around here!

I cannot possibly recap in one blog post the rich moments and fullness of hearts that Jacoby’s little life has given us. The days with him are bright and warm…like unwrapping a gift from the Lord each and every day. We cannot stop kissing him and snuggling him and talking to him in our silly high-pitched baby voices that lure out his smiles. In fact, I am having to discipline myself right now because I want to post so many more pictures and write so much more….but…..

For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven. |Ecclesiastes 3:1| 

I am at peace in discerning that there will be a season for writing again….and now is not that season. Now is a season for feedings by night and staring into baby blues by day. A time for an intense study of my 6 children…for the revealings of who they are. Dropping everything just to be with them. This is the season for learning that. A season for being chisled-changed-molded-sifted, and trusting deeply the Lord’s word to me that, “It will turn out beautiful. You’ll see.” Even when I can’t see. A season of in-depth lessons and inward reflections that WILL burst forth into written words. But now is not the time.

I must say, I do miss writing. I mean really writing. The kind of writing that takes days and long hours and investments of prayer and the fervent waiting and hoping to hear that still, small voice whispering my hand along. The kind of writing that takes piercing quiet to unravel the meaning of thoughts and happenings and lessons and events. I came across the perfect words that explain why I love writing:
“Writing is a way of opening our eyes to see what we otherwise do not see. This thought struck me so forcefully one day that I paused and wrote: 
I know not how the light is shed,
nor understand this lens.
I only know that there are eyes
in pencils and in pens.” ~John Piper~ 
Yes. I feel it too. Writing is the way I come to see. There is no shortage of material. In fact, I have more beautiful and messy things to write about now than I ever did before.  The notes tab on my phone is jam packed with loads of unfinished, unprocessed thoughts…just waiting for their time to come to life. And I believe they will. I feel that the Lord will give me a season of writing again, which is why this blog stays up. But for now, perhaps amidst a post or update here or there, I will be thankfully…..FULLY……savoring the precious gifts within this season….one of which is the sweet little baby in my arms. This is a time to rejoice and keep and heal and build up and intensely EMBRACE….so I will.