Tuesday, August 11, 2009

First Weekend of Just the Boys

So, last week when I did a post I had misplaced in my brain that Jake actually had one more tournament to coach at....a MAYB Nationals tournament in Oklahoma for his treasured & beloved 6th grade girls team. Since I had already chalked up another year of traveling in the books, I could not bring myself to pack another bag, eat one more sack of fast food, sleep in one more hotel room, drink one more cup of watery hotel coffee, or, did I mention pack another bag? So, I decided to hold up the fort and stay home. Since Jake was only taking one team to this tournament, he decided to let JJ pick for himself if he wanted to stay home with the girls, or head to the tournament with Jake (and this would be the first tournament that he had the option to go with Jake all by himself...with no mommy-back-up along). All week long JJ went back and forth deciding (mostly because Jayla and I were planning a trip to Grandma's while Jake would be gone). Then, the day Jake was to leave JJ woke up and the first thing he said was that he wanted to go to Oklahoma with Daddy. With a lump in my throat I said ok, not because I was worried, but because I had never been without JJ this long.....it was going to be 4 days! AHHHH! But, as I knew he would, JJ just had a BLAST with Daddy and the other guys that were on the trip. Coach Julian sent me this picture one night....Jake and JJ are eating Buffalo Wild Wings in bed at 11pm after a long day of coaching. JJ is talking to me on the phone:

Meanwhile, back at home, I had a very teething (and grumpy) Jayla all to myself.
The day after the boys left Jayla all of a sudden started teething (her eye teeth) so it actually worked out well because I was able to give her extra attention and TLC, when she needed it most. Neither one of us knew quite what to do without JJ around....she was certainly not used to being the center of attention, and I was certainly not used to caring for just one kid! What on earth did I do with JJ all the time when it was just me and him? I could not remember, but it was sure relaxing!
The boys got back from their trip Sunday night, and yesterday morning, JJ was as tired as I have ever seen him.
Getting up early, and getting to bed late definitely took a toll. He did request a grilled cheese for breakfast, and then laid on the couch, perfectly still and zoned into the tv for over an hour. Every once in a while I would be doing something in the kitchen or in Jayla's room and JJ would yell out, "Mommy, I need a hug again!" He is the sweetest. He also ran through a very '3 year old' list of everything he missed while he was gone - mommy, bobby (Jayla), Grandma's black cat, Mernie & Vegas (our two cats), and mommy's black car.

I have a feeling that this will be the first of many 'weekends with the boys'. JJ is so blessed to have a Daddy that will take time to be with him, and also that he has a job where JJ can tag along. I wonder if JJ will ever get sick of basketball? Jake thinks he will either love it, or hate it since he is around it so much. Only time will tell. :)


Jody said...

WOW!! Hats off to Jake! The world needs more fathers like him.

Michelle said...

How awesome for Jake & JJ. I LOVE that! And kudos to Jake and you for raising him so well...it takes a well-behaved 3 year old to go on a solo coaching trip with Daddy!!

And HOW SWEET that he wanted random hugs from you! That just melts my heart!!!!