Friday, August 28, 2009

Heart Smiles

Since becoming a mom a few years ago, I've noticed that I get choked up and teary-eyed so easily over little, yet sweet things. Call me sentimental, call me emotional, call me hormonal, call me a softy. Who knows exactly what it is, but I catch my heart smiling....

When I see a pile of little boy and little girl shoes next to the back door.

When I get to create the long-awaited pig tail!

When JJ says "You want to come play with me, Mom?"

When the other day JJ stared at Jayla and I on the couch after naps....then he announced that he wanted to take our picture. He smiled a big smile, ran and got the camera out of the drawer and asked me to help him turn it on. "Say CHEEZ, Mommy and Bah!"

When I see this proud smile....

When Jake playfully wrestles with me and Jayla cries out and 'yells' at Jake in my defense.

When JJ plays dress up in Jake's clothes.

And, when I get to witness completely unplanned, spur of the moment brotherly squeeze hugs.

Ahhhhh, definite heart smile!!!!!



Jon and Jennifer said...

I know I'm the same when I was readying your post and they aren't even my kids. I get teary-eyed all the time! Gosh we are softies!!

Hollie said...

So cute! Ty screeches like that and tries to get Carl away from me when we do that too(even when he just hugs me:) It is funny! Cute pics

Kari said...

I'm the same way too...sometimes I think something is wrong with me!! I try to blame it on being pregnant again but I was like that after I had Eli as well :)