Wednesday, June 10, 2009


There are lots of changes going on at the Kingdom Hoops facility in Ankeny right now….for starters, 3 new courts were laid down at the beginning of this week!
They are pretty shiny!

Each of the new courts will have the logo Fligg Fieldhouse – Nothin’ But Nets

The owner of the building liked Jake’s program/vision/ideas so much that he decided to purchase these 3 additional courts for the facility – his name is Bob Fligg so that is where the new logo comes in. The facility will eventually be renamed Fligg Fieldhouse – Home of Kindom Hoops. I am sure you noticed the volleyball artwork on the logo - Jake has been meeting with USA Volleyball, and they will be renting court time in the facility. The new courts will be able to hold a volleyball net, and will have paint lines for volleyball courts. Having 6 courts will bring the potential for bigger hosted tournaments, more teams – and a full girl’s program.

Of course JJ had to try them out….

When Jake first found this facility in Ankeny, it was a bare warehouse, painted green with concrete floors and barely there lighting.

However, it is AMAZING how perfectly this warehouse was set up for basketball courts. Most warehouses have huge pillars/support columns randomly placed throughout the building….this warehouse has them, but they were just the right amount of feet apart to squeeze in courts in between. Not only that, but the ceiling height is more than tall enough for shooting and volleyball play. The owner of the building really had no idea what this AAU basketball stuff was all about when Jake began leasing the building from him. But, after the first tournament, he fell in love with it all. He and Jake brainstorm daily about their future vision for the facility. Originally the owner wanted to turn this warehouse into some type of fitness center with a running track, etc. He and Jake will most likely be incorporating some type of fitness area into the building in the near future.

Other changes going on at the facility include Acceleration Iowa (sports enhancement & training) renting out space in the facility. This will be a great way for Jake’s players to have access to a higher level of speed agility and sport specific muscle training. The outside of the facility is also going to gradually be remodeled…right now it is a completely enclosed morton building, but eventually it will have a lot of windows, front entrance, and bigger parking lot. There is also a café being put into the facility! Here is a picture of the beginning work for the café….
The café is being started and built by a couple who’s daughters play in Jake’s program. They had always wanted to start some sort of restaurant, and when they saw the new facility they had the idea to start the café there. It will serve as the concessions area for tournaments and camps. They needed help coming up with a name for it, and that is my specialty – I thought of The Huddle….and they loved it and that is what it will be called! Score one for me! While I am on that topic, you’ve heard me mention Coach Julian and his wife Stacy (Nyla’s parents)…well, Stacy came up with and sketched out the logos for both Kingdom Hoops and Fligg Fieldhouse! Score another one for the wives!

I wish you all could have personally seen what this warehouse looked like at the beginning….to see it now just makes me so excited for Jake and all he has accomplished. It just feels like a big exclamation mark. That is the only way I can explain it.



renee0576 said...

VERY awesome! It's FANtastic!

Lori said...

LOVE this story. The one of Jake and JJ on the empty JJ is saying, "You want to do what??? I'll believe it when I see it." Viola' look what happens with a little planning and a lot of believing! Can't wait to eat at the huddle! :) JJ will probably have an open account!

Michelle said...


JJ looks so tall to me!!!! He's gettin' big.