Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fun in Minnesota

We were back in Daddy’s old stompin’ grounds this past weekend for a tournament. We had lots of fun with Grandpa & Grandma Sullivan!

It’s a party!
Shooting on Daddy’s infamous hoop…

We’ve heard lots of stories about Daddy shooting in this driveway when he was growing up.

Rumor has it Grandma Sullivan taught Daddy everything he knows about basketball….

Can you believe that Minnesota gets hot weather too? Mommy packed the swimsuits just in case it didn’t snow! Cousin Dakota met us at the pool!

As you can tell, these girls are on a strict workout regimen.

This was the popular hangout.

During naptime the girls let their hair down and went for a spin!

After dinner it was time for some yardwork…

Hmmm...I wonder what Miss Jayla is doing?

Daddy had to make sure he could still climb his old trees…

He later found out that the problem wasn’t getting up the trees, but getting back down.

And, of course a girl has got to do some swingin…

And, of course the boys had to run down the big hill in the backyard a few times…

On Father’s Day we went to the zoo! Daddy had to coach lots of games, so it was Grandpa’s lucky day!

There were lots of animals to see, like…





Jayla’s favorite was watching the monkey’s swing around on the branches…

Mommy’s favorite was the orangutans because the baby had a blue blankey and the mommy orangutan had to carry it around!

Grandpa’s favorite was this scary gorilla who looked a little too thoughtful….

JJ’s favorite was that he talked Grandpa into buying him some ice cream!

And, Grandma’s favorite was that she got to be with all 3 of her grandkids in one day!
IT WAS A GOOD TIME IN MINNESOTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


renee0576 said...

Great pix! Jayla sure looks like her grandma Sullivan! She is adorable in her bathing suit.

Michelle said...

LOVE the MN zoo! Glad we showed you a good time up North... :)

Michelle said...

PS - I LOVE the pic of the girls in their suits!! They're just perfect!!!

Lori said...

I love the pic of Jayla playing in the dirt! With her dress on! What a sweet pea! :) There is one pictures that she REALLY looks like Jane. FUNNY!