Thursday, June 4, 2009

JJ & Jayla Update

As JJ fastly approaches becoming 3 years old, I have started to realize what a sweet little boy we have on our hands! My favorite thing about JJ right now is the sweet and sincere things that he says. I am not sure if it’s because he was a late talker and we went so long without knowing what was going inside of his little mind, but I am just soaking up every sentence he comes up with right now….when he talks it is such a glimpse into his heart and feelings. My favorite sayings from JJ are:

When he gets home from an evening at the gym with Jake and he gives me a big hug and says, “Oh, I miss you mommy.” I just MELT!

When anyone in the family gets a new outfit and they try it on, “It looks WOW!”

If I am in the kitchen cleaning up or running around the house doing something he will sometimes crawl up on the couch, pat the cushion and say, “Come sit.” Now, if that doesn’t put a halt to the to do list I don’t know what would!

Sometimes he will go sit at his little table with a piece of paper and a pen or some crayons. He’ll start looking busy and announce, “I’m working.” Just like Daddy.

The best was the other day when we were walking back from the park. Jayla was tired, hungry and cranky and she was letting everyone know all about it. As she cried JJ looked at me and said, “Bah (he still calls her bah – for baby) miss Daddy too.” Jake had been gone at a tournament all weekend and JJ was missing him…and since Jayla was crying he decided that she probably missed him too. I have the sweetest little boy in the world.

As for Jayla, life just got really exciting because yesterday she finally figured out how to CRAWL! And, her crawling form is exactly like JJ’s was….dragging one leg behind her. It’s actually kind of crazy that they both had that unique way of crawling. Jayla looks just like an inch worm as she goes along. She definitely doesn’t make it look easy, but I am just glad she finally figured it out at the ripe old age of 1! Over the past week she also started pulling herself up to furniture, and getting herself to a sitting position from being on her tummy. Quite a week of accomplishments! Of course she still loves to cruise along anything and everything…chairs, couches, kitchen cupboards, the hallway walls, and on and on. She also loves to walk behind the little push walker thingy.

Jayla has also started into whining mode. If she wants something that is out of reach she will reach out her hand, look at you and say, “Eh, eh, eh, EH, EH, EH!” until you get it for her. In fact, last night she was doing this as I was trying to rock her right before bed. I finally figured out that she wanted her little doll that was laying on the floor. So, we picked up the dolly and the dolly rocked with us, and then I laid Jayla down in bed. I don’t usually let her take a toy to bed (not to mention that this doll is about half of Jayla’s own body size), so I tried to sneak the doll away. Of course she got really mad, so I ended up letting her sleep with the doll….just for one night though! Jayla ‘talks’ non-stop. She is constantly having conversations with whoever will listen….she strings a bunch of syllables together and it actually sounds like she is making a sentence because she highers her voice at the end like she is asking a question. It is so cute!

Jayla also all of a sudden really likes to give hugs. In fact, even if you ask for a kiss she will instead snuggle in and give a big hug….laying her head on your shoulder and all. My favorite time with Jayla is in the mornings right when she wakes up. We get to snuggle on the couch as she drinks her sippy cup….and we have lots of quiet time before anyone else in the house is up. She sits on my lap with her head against my chest and babbles and talks on and on. I always look forward to these precious moments at the beginning of the day when we get some time together….just the two of us.

It ain't summer without at least 1 popsicle a day!

Hold on sissy!

Just like a roller coaster!

Thank you for my princess car Grandpa & Grandma Sullivan!

Now we can cruise the town!

We're off to DQ!

I'm getting pretty good at this!

Thank you mommy for letting me have my dolly in my crib.

I wanted to put a video on here of Jayla crawling for the first time, but lately my blog won't let me upload gives me an error. If any of you bloggers have a suggestion, let me know what I can do to get some videos on here! Thanks!


Jody said...

Your family pics are the best. I needed a smile this morning.

renee0576 said...

Yay,Jayla! I heard the news last night! I think gramma was proud :) LOVE the cars - next time they go to DQ, would you call me?