Wednesday, June 17, 2009

City Grandma

When we go to Grandpa & Grandma Sullivan’s house, we say Hello big city!
Grandma Sullivan is known by JJ as the ‘puppy Grandma’ because she has a Chihuahua!

When we are in the big city we wake up to a fresh pot of coffee, and we do some sunning on the deck before our day begins. When you live in the city there is a lot to do….and Grandpa & Grandma Sullivan like to show us around. When you jump in the car to start the day you never know what cd will be in...maybe some rap music, or Alan Jackson, or Frank Sinatra, or Gloria Estefan! And, you never know what is on the agenda for the day…..maybe a trip to:

The amusment park at the Mall of America!

Don’t forget to swing by Underwater World!

How bout a stop at the Minnesota state fair?

Oh, let’s go to the park with the big bears!

We better squeeze in some swimming!

Have you been to the zoo lately? Okay, we'll go there tomorrow.
But, don’t bother us after 2pm….you’ll find us taking a nap, Grandpa Sullivan included.

Late afternoon we might play some croquet or talk about the good old days over dinner…. ‘Do you remember when we went to Las Vegas? Remember when we went to New York? The cruise sure was fun!’

Before bed it’s time for some popcorn with yummy loads of butter and maybe a quick game of cards. Then it’s off to sleep…bring your flannel jammies even in the summer….it’s COLD in Minnesota!
One thing is for sure, we get lots of love in the city, and there is ALWAYS something to do!

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Michelle said...

FUN!!! :) So many great things to do in MN :)