Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Country Grandma

When we go to Gramma Lori’s house, life slows down once we hit the gravel road. And, into the country life we go…

Grandma Lori is known by JJ for her bird feeders. When he sees a bird feeder in one of his children’s books, he always reminds us that Grandma Lori has those…

In the country, you get to relax and do a lot of porch swingin….
And, lots of swing swingin….

At Grandma Lori’s, you better bring your ‘scudzy’ clothes, because you are probably going to have fun getting dirty….

In the country you learn that most of what you eat comes from….

You better be ready to sink your teeth into a fresh-home grown tomato. Or, if you have a craving for you-know-what, just call up Great-Grandma down the road because you know she wants some ZENO’S PIZZA too! “Sure!” she’ll say, “I’ll call it in and Grandpa will head into town to get it. Come on over!” So after a relaxing day at Grandma Lori’s it’s time to go down the road to Great Grandma’s. At Great-Grandma’s the first thing you have to do is search for the baby kitties.
Then, you get to sit and have a pop til the pizza comes.

After pizza you wonder, did Great-Grandma have time to make a cherry pie? OF COURSE she did. Don’t forget the DQ ice cream on top. Yum, now that ends a perfect day in the country.

Good bye, country life, until next time.

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Nicoleigh said...

That is exactly why I love the country life! I was just back at the farm on Sunday, and got to enjoy some cute new kittens and a new dog as well. I'll be heading back there a couple more times in the next 2 weeks, since my sister and family in China will be visiting. I too might have to do a fun country life post like this as well. Thanks for the idea!