Friday, September 17, 2010

The Sweetest Words

Jake was on the road by 5:30am this morning to speak at an FCA group. At 6:14am he texted me this:

Everything is done. Kofi has the visa.

At 6:57am Samuel called. And I got to say the sweetest words to him:

Samuel, you get to come home.

You have no idea what it means to me to finally get to say those words. Saying those words means that God came through for us. There is nothing else in the entire world that I want my kids to know other than that they can put their trust in God, and HE WILL COME THROUGH!

I will have a few more adoption related posts next week before we head out. Here is our flight schedule:

Depart: Sept 22, 7am, DL 3108
We have a few connection flights to catch.
Arrive in Ghana: Sept 23, 7:30am, on DL 166

Depart from Ghana: Sept 25, 12:30am, DL 225
We have a few connections once we get to U.S.
Arrive at Des Moines Int’l Airport: Sept 25, 4:04pm, DL 4070

If you hear any hollering up in the sky on these days, don’t worry, it’s just me celebrating the victory. :)


Dillinger Family said...

I have tears in my so fantastic that this is finally done. I cannot wait to see you when you guys get back! God is so great and your faith is an amazing testiment to anyone going through what you have gone through.

Carla said...

Janel --
I have followed your blog through my friend, Jennifer Waters, blog site for quite awhile now. Of course, I know the name Jake Sullivan as I am and have been a Cyclone fan for many years. All three of my sons graduated from ISU and we have followed the basketball and football teams as season ticket holders for many years. I have so enjoyed your Team Sullivan Blog and am so thrilled that Samuel FINALLY gets to come home. My heart is just bursting with excitement and joy for you and your family so I just had to comment. God is good!!!

Matthew & Jennifer Pitkin said...

We are celebrating with you, too! PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!!!!