Monday, September 13, 2010

From JJ's Perspective

The other night Jake, JJ, and Sam were in the living room having a little heart-to-heart talk. Sam had overslept that morning and was late to football practice, and so Jake was explaining to him that someday if he plays ball in college, oversleeping could cost him his scholarship. JJ had been intently listening to the conversation which had been going on for about 10 minutes before this point. Then, at this single mention of the word ‘college’ JJ got big huge tears in his eyes and lost it. He started crying uncontrollably. At this Jake looked down at him and asked him what was wrong. And JJ sobbed, “I…..don’t….. want….. to…. go….. to….college,” (sob, sob). Then Jake said “You have 15 years before you have to go to college. Let’s worry about kindergarten first.” JJ: “But who will go with me to college?” Jake: “Mommy and Daddy will take you to college.” JJ: “But who will stay with Jayla?” Jake: “Well, I mean, we will take you to college, but we won’t get to stay there with you.” And of course, with that, the conversation ended where it started……more sobbing and “I…..don’t….. want….. to…. go….. to….college….”

I believe I know how this began….

(JJ helping Daddy pack up Yaw's car the night before Yaw left for college)

From a little 4 year old’s eyes, Yaw was practically here with us one day, and the next day we packed up his stuff, said goodbye, and then he was gone. The last year went so fast. And Jayla has noticed too. She keeps mentioning Yaw and saying he is in the bathroom or downstairs. Whenever she says that we all say, “No, Yaw doesn’t live here any more. He’s at college.”

Oh JJ, you are the sweetest boy ever. I do so love that we have reached the same mindset on this subject. And, I wouldn't mind one bit if you never wanted to leave home and lived with mommy and daddy forever. ;) I am guessing though, that God has some big plans for you, and you just might have to venture outside of 315 Ridgewood Drive.....someday.

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Lori said...

I just love JJ's big heart :)