Friday, September 3, 2010

Jayla Update

Oh life with a two-year old. You just never know what you are gonna get. One minute you could encounter a sweet tug on your hand and a little voice saying, “Mommy, snuggle on couch.” Or the next minute you could be in the doctor’s office trying to hold down a feisty, crying, angry, bear-cat who doesn’t want anything to do with being weighed for her check-up. :) Actually, the best of times with Jayla usually do happen in public places. Like this week when we were at Fareway. We ran in quickly to grab a roast, which meant I didn’t put the red-heads in lock-down in the cart. They were free-runners. As they were hopping, skipping, and tootling down the aisle on the way to the check-out line JJ accidently lost his footing. And just as they were approaching an elderly couple scanning their spaghetti sauce options, JJ crashed into Jayla. And Jayla’s response was to scream at her brother at the top of her lungs “WATCH OUT!” It was such a sudden, loud, unsuspecting scream that it caused the elderly woman to jump about 2 feet off the ground, grab her husband’s arm and turn around to see what whirlwind just came through. She gave me ‘the look’ and then said to her husband, “that scared the crap out of me.” Sorry about that, lady. But she’s a cute lil whirlwind, isn’t she?!?!?!

Oh let’s see. Jayla has also become my little echo over the past few months. She repeats everything that I say, and knows the exact situations that are appropriate to spout off my sayings. She says things like ‘be right back’, ‘one sec’, and ‘I’m gonna go do this and this and this, ok?’ She also has become JJ’s second mother. Whatever I say to him, she usually says it again right after I say it….like when we were on a walk the other day and JJ was riding his bike I yelled “JJ, stay by the curb!” Sure enough, about 1 second later I heard my little echo down in the stroller, sporting her best motherly voice and hollering the instructions to JJ again. When we are getting ready to go somewhere she’ll say “C’mon JJ, let’s go get in the car!” It’s so funny to hear such a motherly sounding tone coming from such a little person. Somehow, Jayla has also become little Miss Manners. It’s strange because JJ still does not consistently say please and thank you, but Jayla says ‘thanks’ for everything. When you get her food or a drink - right when you hand it to her she’ll say ‘oh, thanks’. Pretty much anything you help her with or do for her you will get a ‘thanks’. She also says ‘sorry’ a lot, and ‘watch this!’, ‘Don’t!’, ‘Stop it!’ and ‘I go first!’. Typical 2-year old vocab I am sure!

I’ve also noticed Jayla making lots of faces in the mirror lately!

It’s so funny to watch her experiment with all of her different faces while I am doing her hair in the morning. She has about 10 different looks that she runs through.

And of course, a Jayla update is not complete without some crazy dancing!!!!!!


Dillinger Family said...

I bet Jayla and Tessa would have great conversations...great updates this week!

Lori said...

oh good laugh this morning...if I would have been there the both of us would have been rolling on the floor! Giggle attack style.

renee said...

What a good laugh I had over the elderly couple! I can only imagine! I hope when I'm old(er), I still love the antics of little kids!

Farmgirl Chaos said...

Man, Jayla has some sweet dance moves! :)

mlscheppler said...

I have definitely missed Jayla in sunday school the last few weeks!