Monday, September 6, 2010

Prince Update

So, the last I posted Prince had two appointments scheduled at the Embassy to complete the appeal of his student visa. At the first appointment we found out that Prince actually needed to schedule the second appointment online since his appointment was for an appeal. Well, when Kofi went to schedule the appointment online all of the appointments had already been booked through October! This was not going to work because on Prince’s I-20 (the form issued by DM Christian to begin the visa process) the date that he is supposed to be to the United States by is September 24th. If we would book his visa appointment in October, it would require starting completely over with all of the prior steps, including issuing a new I-20 form, redoing the previous appointments, etc. Thankfully, when this was all found out, Nana & Esi were still here visiting, and so we talked with them about it. And that’s when Esi said this, “You know, people do all sorts of crazy things in Ghana to make money. There is actually a man who goes online, and books up all the online Embassy appointments about 2 months out. Then he sells them. So, if you want to get Prince’s appointment sooner, all we have to do is buy the appointment.” Alright then.

Well, while Esi was here, Prince’s story had so touched her heart. She had met the Vanderweide’s, saw Prince’s room all set and ready for him, and talked with the Vanderweide’s about the awesome opportunities that they can provide for him. And Esi had said, “Anything we can do to help Prince, we will do it.” So, the week that Esi got back to Ghana, she quickly got in touch with this guy who books and sells the online appointments, and got Prince’s appointment scheduled. And so, his appointment is tomorrow. Which means, that we need to be lifting up Prince and his situation to our Almighty God today and tonight. Please pray for Prince’s mom who will be interviewed tomorrow. Please pray that God would give her the words to speak with clarity about their situation, and the opportunities available to Prince here in the U.S. Please pray that she would not be overcome with nerves, or feel inadequate to speak on behalf of her son. Please pray for the consular who will be doing the interviewing, that he or she would have compassion and kindness towards Prince and his mom. Please pray that God would just orchestrate this whole interview process, that His presence would be there at the Embassy in Ghana tomorrow, and that His justice would prevail. Pray for the Vanderweide’s – that they would be still, feel God’s peace tomorrow, and be anxious about nothing, but instead cast their worries on the Lord.

Now, back to that September 24th date. That’s the date that Prince needs to be to the U.S. by. So, if his student visa is granted, that means that Jake will likely be the one heading to Ghana for a very short trip to chaperone Prince home.

hmmmmm. Hmmmmmm. HMMMMMMM!

You know what I’m thinking don’t you?

I’m thinking, of a miracle. A miracle that I can so easily envision. There is a picture in my mind of Jake escorting Prince AND Samuel down those stairs at the Des Moines International airport. It’s a long shot. We haven’t heard from the Embassy regarding Samuel’s case in months. But even so, I wait expectantly for God to move this mountain. I am waiting for the One who is Mighty to Save. For the One who defends the cause of the weak and the fatherless. For the One who maintains the rights of the poor and oppressed. I am expecting great things from a Great, All-powerful, All-knowing, Faithful and Mighty Deliverer.

Over the next few days I am going to be praying that NOW is the time that the two boys left in this picture, get to join the rest of us in America!!!!!!


Lori said...

so be it...amen and amen...

Angie said...

Praying with you!