Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

I came across this picture the other day.......

I know I shared it before on my Reiman Gardens post, but when I saw it again I started laughing about it again! This picture expresses anything and everything that words almost can’t explain! It reminded me of the saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’.

Below is my other picture that is worth a thousand words to me. At first glance, you won’t know why, but I’ll explain.

When Jayla was born (and during my pregnancy) I felt extremely guilty for JJ….I was worried constantly that he would be mad at us for having her, and I was worried that I wouldn’t have enough precious time with him any more… mom’s know what I mean. Well, once Jayla was born, JJ was very jealous of us spending time with her, and he went through some emotional episodes - the first few days she had come home JJ was acting out in his behavior in ways that he never had before. I remember feeling like I was constantly holding Jayla or changing her diaper or feeding her or trying to get her to stop crying. When Jayla was 3 days old I remember rocking JJ right before his nap and just sobbing…..I could hear Jayla crying in her infant seat in the living room, and yet I just wanted to hold onto my sweet alone time with JJ a little longer. I just felt so bad for JJ and that he had to now share his time, and I felt like I never really got many moments to just hold him anymore. Well, this picture above was taken 1 week later. Jayla was about a week and a half old. I remember that dinner was cooking, and I was putting some of Jayla’s clothes away in her drawers. Jayla was laying on the floor, and then in walked Jake and JJ. JJ had told Jake that he wanted to show Jayla his tractors! For the next 30 minutes JJ rolled those tractors all around Jayla, and told her what colors they were. Oh my word, I could feel the heaviness just being lifted off my shoulders. It was in this moment that I all of a sudden had a peace that it was all going to be okay. Little JJ was going to adjust to being a big brother (just like everyone had said that he would) and having two kids wasn’t going to send me to a mental ward! This picture makes me smile every time….I remember this exact moment like it was yesterday.

Well, that wasn’t quite a thousand words, but I think I could have written more! Now you know what that picture means to me. And, now, bloggies, what picture stops you everytime when you come across it in your photo book? What picture were you thinking of as you read this post? Let’s see ‘em…..your pictures that are worth a thousand words and why!


Lori said...

Mothers still have those feelings even when their kids are 11 years apart! LOVE those pix too.

renee said...

and even when they are 32 and 27 :)

Nate and Natalie said...

The first picture is hilarious! Thanks for your post on the second pic, I honestly worry about that often. Yet just like JJ adapted so will Elyse. I may have to e-mail you for support though :)