Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Few Random Things

Let’s start with a table runner update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here is how my glue gun runners turned out on the tables:
The cool thing was that the caterers had actually upgraded us to the floor length black linen cloths (originally we were getting the usual white ones), so the table runners looked even better up against the black than they would have the white. Next time I wouldn't have made them quite so long, but they worked out. And now, to put my trip to the fabric store all in perspective, check out the tulle that we swayed from the poles….

That, my friends is what 80 yards of fabric looks like. Almost goes the entire length of one basketball court. Uh, yeah, that is a loooooooong time at the fabric counter.

As for the fundraiser, it went beautifully. Jake was able to clearly share the vision of the project to a very, very excited crowd. Shortly after the fundraiser we received an email from Bernice (she is originally from Ghana and attended the fundraiser) and she said she is IN on the vision. IN was written with a capital I-N, bolded, and highlighted. So, it was exciting to have her completely on board……I know it was nerve-racking for Jake to be doing an entire presentation on Ghana while Bernice, the lone Ghana native in attendance, sat and listened. But, I knew he had done his research and planning well, and it was exciting to get the confirmation from Bernice that this project would now be in her prayers and she was IN! :)

And, now, excuse me while I have some business to attend to....

Dear fellow Huxley-ans,
It appears that one of you may have dropped, lost, or misplaced a certain men’s athletic undergarment in our yard. If this is yours….

You can come pick it up. We haven’t touched it. It is not any of ours. If you come to get it between the hours of 4:30-6pm we will not be here, so you can be sure that your retrieval will be done without onlookers.


So, what’s your latest ‘mommy moment’? You know, that moment in time when something happens and you think, this would only happen to a mom. Well, mine was yesterday morning when I was fishing for my keys in my purse, and I pulled out a wet, soggy, 2 day old, half eaten chicken nugget. Wet and soggy because a sippy cup of milk was also spilled in my purse. About that time I smiled and showed Jake the nugget and said, ‘this would only be in the purse of a mom.’ He smiled and held up his hand to show me his cut that was now covered up with a bright, shiny, hot wheels bandaid. ‘And, only a Dad would be wearing this,’ he said. I guess Daddy moments happen too. :)


Jody said...

Time for a new purse 'mom'. :)

Tamara B said...

What a cool confirmation from God through Bernice!

Love those mommy [and daddy] moments. I wouldn't trade them for anything!

And along the lines of jody's comment, I have a sweet pattern for a fun new purse that I randomly made on Sunday. If you want to spend a little more time at the counter of the fabric store, I can help you make one :)

Michelle said...

The Project:ghana setup looked fantastic! So very exciting.

LOL - Caleb was wearing a Ratatoullie band-aid at work the other day :) Gotta love it!!