Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fall Things

10 Things I Luv About Fall...

Smell of burning leaves and brush piles

College football Saturdays

Footed pajamas on the little ones
Apple cider time

Starting the fireplace again (which for us means lighting the pilot so that I can flip the light switch to turn it on) :)

Beautiful sunsets

A 7:15AM moon
Return of pumpkin pie blizzards @ DQ

Making chili again

And, taking our annual trip to the orchard....

Why do the horse and I have the same hair-do?

Jumping pillow!

Hayride to the pumpkin patch

Take yer pick JJ!

"Daddy, let's get the biggest pumpkin ever!"

Proud of their 36 pound pumpkin!

You have to watch this video of Jayla! She had never seen goats or sheep in person before!


Nate and Natalie said...

Those have to be some of my top 10 too. Love all the pictures and LOVE your new profile picture!

alan and steph said...

I LOVE Your new profile pic!!!! You have a beautiful family.

Christy said...

i love the new pictures, too!

Nicoleigh said...

Gotta love the days at the orchard. Even when it's cold, you can still have a fantastic time. And great profile pic. Who took te pictures?

Janel said...

Stacy Seay took our pictures (Nyla and lil JJ's mom). She claims she still needs more practice!

Kendra Dawn said...

I love that video of Jayla....so sweet!