Thursday, July 23, 2009

Yes, No

Yes, JJ did mind sharing his birthday breakfast of choice: pizza sticks and sauce.

, he does not mind sharing his tub with splasher of the year.

, the swingset is fixed thanks to Mark & Kari over at Beautiful Blessings!

No, Jayla will never stop swinging now.

Yes, it's a busy day at the office.

No, it's never too busy for some hoops.

Yes, it's hard to catch a good picture of two crazies in the pool.

No, it's not hard to catch a picture of JJ & Daddy together.

Yes, she can reach the microwave.

No, she cannot get JJ's shoes on...but she tries to every day!

And yes, she is STILL swingin!


Stephanie said...

Cute post! Love all the pics, especailly the one with Jayla reaching for the microwave on top of the box!

Michelle said...

I LOVE the microwave pic too! How cute! And what is it with little sisters trying to put on their brothers' shoes?? SERIOUSLY, every day!! How fun :) Great pics.