Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Pond

There is a man-made pond being dug across the street from our house….
And, it is heaven for a little boy….

You never know what kind of animal footprints you might find….

Or how many teeny tiny little bitty frogs you will see.

You can’t imagine the treacherous terrain you have to cross to get there…

But once you are finally there, you get to dig for the perfect rock,

Once you find it, you know it!

Then, you get to launch it,

And the best part is seeing it plop!
If you are really good you can throw two at a time!

You get a little muddy at the pond,

And baby sister does too.

But it is a small price to pay, for a little piece of heaven in the day!
So long until next time!

1 comment:

Nicoleigh said...

I wondered if it was going to be a pond. It was definitely too steep for some backyards. I think lots of little boys (& girls) will enjoy it.