Monday, July 6, 2009

JJ & Jayla Update

Well, in 2 more weeks JJ is going to be turning 3 years old! WOW! He seems so much older to me than that, actually! I think it is because of the way he holds conversations with us now….he is like this little old soul that contemplates all sorts of things like….pointing out that the moon and the sun can be in the sky at the same time….and, he always has to know the plan/activities for the day so that he can process them out loud and put them in order……and he is constantly giving names to groups of animals or items – ‘that is the mommy one, the daddy one, the baby one, the JJ one, and the Grandma one’. He names EVERYTHING! My favorite things are when he says ‘I wuv you.’ And, ‘We can go do (insert something) if you want to’ and when he says ‘I missed you a lot and a lot!’ He is just so sincere when he talks and it makes me want to just videotape everything he says so that I don’t ever forget his sweet demeanor! I hope it lasts a loooonnnggg time! We have found something that he is starting to get a little feisty with though….and that is Jayla! All of a sudden Jayla is able to go and grab a toy if she wants to, and this has rocked JJ’s world a little bit. Sometimes he will scream ‘No Bobby, no!’ like his life might end if she gets a hold of his little toy car. Every once in awhile he’ll give her a little brotherly shove, or round the corner and shave off her shoulder, or if he is really mad he’ll just downright push her over. I actually laugh a little under my breath when he does these things because he honestly does not even one ounce of bulliness in him….he’s the one usually in tears and feeling bad after a toy brawl. When Jayla gets punked by him she never really cries but often screams a very mad scream and gives JJ this look like, ‘Just wait another month buddy and I will wrestle you to the ground!’ Oh boy, once she is able to fight back she is going to be one tough cookie. Let’s see….JJ is having quite the happening summer for being a 3 year old! He gets to go to the gym A LOT with Daddy in the mornings…and he is usually hanging out with Pete (one of the office workers) who is kind of like a big brother to JJ. He teaches JJ bad words like fart and poop, and he gives JJ Gatorade and mountain dew, and shows JJ how to make hand copies on the copy machine. You know you have made it into JJ’s inner circle when he starts including you in his prayers, and good ol Pete is usually one of the first that he lists off to be thankful for. JJ has also learned how to play UNO and those little matching games with the pictures on the cards. And, he has been doing A LOT of swimming at our local pool in Ankeny!

Jayla will be 14 months old in 2 more weeks! On the 4th of July while we were waiting for the fireworks she stood alone on her own for the first time without holding onto anything. Once she realized she could do it she did it over and over and over and laughed hysterically at herself each time. She has taken a few steps on her own, but no more than that. And, don’t even think about trying to help her to walk on her own….Miss Independent makes it clear that it has to be HER idea, and in HER own timing otherwise she will scream at you. Really. She will. Hmmmm….we’ve also determined that Jayla is possibly going to be a singer. She has the LOUDEST cry out of any baby that I have ever heard. It is just ear piercing when she cries. And, she can cry for a really long time. Just ask the nursery workers at church. Another thing we have found out about Jayla is that she loves swimming. No, I am not talking about sitting in the water and splashing. She wants to go right in, up to her chin, have you hold her belly, and then she kicks and flaps away. And, she loves it. She laughs the whole time, swallows tons of water, gets water in her eyes, the whole bit. This girl LOVES the water! Even cold water! It is crazy. Another thing that Jake and I are always talking about with Jayla is how social she is. I know she got this from her Daddy! When Jayla sees anyone familiar she will hold out her arms and beg to be picked up. She does this every time with Coach Julian, Uncle Miller, and Nana Yaw. Once they pick her up she wastes no time to get started slapping them on the face, jabbering with them, and then laying her head on their shoulder for a quick snuggle. You would have never ever in a million years found JJ doing that at her age. We have two very different kiddos…..but you would never guess it when they are in the backseat, light shining in on their red hair, clutching their blankeys, and sucking their thumbs!

Here are some pictures of my sweet ones….

Daddy rigged up this one!

Ashton & Jayla like the splash park because of the snacks!

JJ's new thing is that he likes to dress up this bear and brush his hair!

Jayla helps Daddy at camp.

We took Nyla back to Green Mountain to meet Grandma & Great Grandma!

'Hey Mom, I'm going to the gym...see ya later!'

Too fast to catch my picture!!!!!!!!!!!

Watchin the boys play some hoops in the driveway.


Waiting patiently for the fireworks.

We are a crazy bunch!

She stands alone!

Fireworks in Ames on July 4th.

Playing Elmo games with Grandma Lori.

I'm an Aunt again.....well, sort of! Our good friends Todd & Jess gave birth to Malia Grace Miller on July 3rd. 7 pounds 13 ounces and a CUTIE PATOOTIE! These girls live 1 block from eachother and I know they will be great friends!

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Cute pics of the kids! Looks like you guys are having a good summer!