Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Why do they put American Flags on top of cranes at construction sites?

Why is it called Buffalo Wild Wings when they are known for their chicken wings?

Why do my kids think the same food tastes better off my plate than theirs?

When did they stop putting toys in cereal boxes?

How do boys miss the toilet? Or, is this just the boys at my house?

Why can't I keep my lazy susan cupboard organized?

Why can't I ever find the aisle in the grocery store with the kitchen bouquet seasoning sauce?

Why did the pepsi people change their box for caffiene free diet pepsi? I keep buying the wrong one!


Jon and Jennifer said...

Good questions...let me know if you find out the answers to those!! The boys and the toilet problem, happens in my house too!! It's Jon's job to clean the toilets, sometimes if he's lazy he'll sit down...may seem weird but makes less of a mess I tell him!! I'm not looking forward to having 2 more boys who can't aim either!!

Jody said...

My sister Julie drinks diet caffine free pepsi, what's left to drink I always ask her? :) These are good questions, I'd like to know the answers too.

Lori said...

Along with your 2 famous questions: What ever happened to your cat Carmel? And what ever happened to your new pair of shoes that you wore to Tim and my wedding and reception and were never found again???

Michelle said...

Boys are perpetual mis-aimers. It's a boy thing!!! My boys can testify :) Also, we got a little race car out of a Cheerios box a few months ago, and Cam was in heaven! NEVER toys in there anymore!!!

Good questions!

Kari said...

We just found a toy in the cheerios box last weekend! It does still happen :)