Tuesday, July 14, 2009

In Milwaukee

On Sunday the munchkins and I drove up to Milwaukee to meet up with Jake and the teams for the last tournament on their first 10 day trip for July. Jake has been on the road with the teams for 7 days straight playing in back-to-back tournaments. The month of July is called the ‘live period’ for high school aged boys' teams. This means that the college coaches can be in attendance for the games, and can recruit and offer players scholarships. Since getting a scholarship is one of the top goals for the players in Jake’s program, Jake and the teams are out on the road pretty much the entire month of July so his players can play in front of the coaches. It’s kind of neat how it all works….here is a picture I took yesterday of all the coaches at one of Jake’s 17U boys games…all the guys sitting on the bleachers are either head coaches or their assistants:
They keep the coaches segregated on one side of the gym away from the parents and fans. They even have a separate entrance into the gym. Some coaches that were at this particular game were Coach McDermott from ISU, Coach Donovan from Florida, and Coach Duncan from UCLA…and many others as you can see.

After having Daddy withdrawl for 7 days, JJ was pretty excited to give Jake a big hug and a smooch right away! Here are some more pictures!

Everyone is thrilled to be taking ANOTHER group picture!

Daddy love.

Jayla was pretty happy to cruise along the bleachers after a long car ride!

"Hi Grum, we made it to Waukee!"

This picture reminds me so much of Jake! I don't know why!

The girls read to Jayla.

Jayla hangs with Coach Clark and tries to get into JJ's starbursts.

Getting some energy out with Pete!

Daddy struts to his game.

He used to stand exactly like this when he was playing (defense that is). :)

"Settle down fellas."

Watching the offense set up.

Time out pep talk.

Get in there Yaw!

"C'mon ref!"


3-pointer...WE WIN!
Life is good.

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Lori said...

Great post. I miss being at all the games like in Florida last year! Fun to see everyone in pictures.