Friday, April 17, 2009

Yes, No

Yes, we drove to Arkansas last night for another tournament.

No, I ain't sick of watching games yet.

Yes, Jayla is lookin cute in her clothes from Grandpa & Grandma Sullivan.

No, I haven't the slightest idea where she could possibly have gotten her sassy-ness from.

Yes, JJ is starting to come out of his shell.

No, he will never get rid of his blankey.

Yes, we now have 4 generations of sweety girls.

No, the boys don't feel left out.

Yes, Nana Yaw is a regular customer at Julian's barber shop.

No, he never dreamed he would be living in Iowa and holding a princess!

Yes, I stole this yes, no game off of someone else's blog.
No, I am not ashamed.

Yes, I played this game just to post these recent pictures.
No, I don't mind if you wanna play this game too.


The Schwarcks said...

too cute, janel! i'll probably be stealing the idea some time soon!!!

are you whistling dixie yet? :) have fun down south!!!

renee0576 said...

love, love, love the picture of Jayla in her new spring outfit!

I had a 'little one' once who had a blankey... she happily attended kindergarten without it :)

Kendra Dawn said...

Love this blog.....

Hicks Family said...

Do you read MckMama's blog? (Not that she is the only one that plays yes,no but she had a cute one recently)

Yes, I love your blog.
No, you don't know me.

Yes, I know Zach Clark and your blog came up at dinner tonight.
No, I'm not ashamed.

PS- He wanted to see the Marley entry, I'm sure he'll be starting his own blog soon. ;)