Monday, April 20, 2009

The Name Game

I've been tagged in the Name Game! This will give me something to do until Jake's Thought for the Week gets finished! Here's what you do....take the ABC's of Life and make your name:

Accept differences Be kind Count your blessings Dream Express thanks Forgive Give freely Harm no one Imagine more Jettison anger Keep confidences Love truly Master something Nurture hope Open your mind Pack lightly Quell rumors Reciprocate Seek wisdom Touch hearts Understand Value truth Win graciously Xeriscape Yearn for peace Zealously support a worthy cause.

Here I am:

Jettison anger

Accept differences

Nurture hope

Express thanks

Love truly

I think I can work on all these things! What does your name say?

1 comment:

Tamara B said...

Interesting to think about, especially when every other letter in my name is "A". Maybe I really need to work on accepting differences!

tAmArA b.