Thursday, April 30, 2009


After a long winter’s hibernation, comes refreshment for the soul…
Freshly painted toenails

My first stab at planting petunias.

Finishing the planting at half past 10pm on a cold, rainy night. This is what happens when you try to plant petunias when you have 2 kids following you around who do not want to plant petunias.

Now, just a lil daydream about summertime’s past….

Some sunshine please?

Ah, now I am there. Officially done hibernating.


Jody said...

Love the toenails, the past two early summers I've splurged on a pedicure, but think I will do my own this weekend.

Lori said...

It is pedicure season! I did mine last night too! Bright Red! :) Summertime is near! YaY!

Stephanie said...

Love the toenails! Maybe I'll try to paint Brenna's toes soon....she's such a busy body though. Not sure if she'll stay put long enough. Any tricks?

Janel said...

Hey Stephanie- Try putting her in the highchair while you paint them...and give her a toy to play with or something to color to keep her busy and her mind off her toes! :)