Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Adoption Update

I had an exciting email in my inbox this morning from our social worker who has been helping us with the adoption. She just returned from her own trip to Ghana (you can read about it on her blog: ) and she had this to say:

I wanted to share with you that during my stay in Ghana I became aware of many children available for adoption. The Director of Social Welfare in Ho explained to me an orphanage had to be shut down and many children relocated leaving some w/out homes. Many of true orphan status. Pastor Gideon will soon be working w/the Social Welfare Dept on getting photos and bios of these children and will send to us.

Once you accept a referral, you will not be required to travel to meet the child-but you can choose to do so if you wish. Pastor Sam can represent you through the Courts, and the entire process for that matter-with the only exception of filing the I600 after Court. You will be required to travel only once to pick up the child and bring him home.

I hope to have more information soon on a prospective adoptive child for your family.

My heart jumped when I read this, and I sit here this morning excited again for what is in store for our family. If you think of us over the next few days or weeks would you please pray for us regarding the adoption. Pray that God would continue to lead us to the exact little boy that he has in mind for us, and for a child that would be a perfect fit for our family. Pray for continual acceptance of the situation with Solomon, and for us to have fresh minds and hearts to move on to allowing a new child to come into our hearts. Pray that once we do receive referrals, that God would make it clear who we should 'choose'. And, thank you for all your prayers and support that you have already poured onto us.

We look forward to the next chapter in our journey, which I think has just begun!

For the Lord is watching his children, listening to their prayers 1 Peter 3:12


renee0576 said...

wonderful and exciting news! you will definitely be in our thoughts and prayers.

Jason and Jen Lee said...

So excited to read you post, Janel. I will be praying!

Michelle said...

Great news!! The Lord has a very special little boy in mind for you. We will definitely pray!!!!

Tamara B said...

The Lord is radical. I love it!

Jody said...

Will be praying for God's will to be done regarding this adoption and that He will be glorified.

Matthew & Jennifer Pitkin said...

Can't wait to keep hearing updates on this! Sounds pretty promising! :)