Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Travel update

Early this morning the team was issued a new flight itinerary routed to Amsterdam and then onto Accra, Ghana. When they got in line to board the flight to Amsterdam the flight attendant asked them to step aside and board last since their boarding passes had yet to be printed. But once it was their turn to board, the pilot said he couldn't wait any longer and needed to get the flight in the air. The plane took off with our team of 12 standing at the gate - they were the only ones who didn't get to board.

They then went back to wait in the re-ticketing line and have now received their 3rd flight itinerary. They are set to fly out to Dubai this evening and then to Accra from there, giving them an arrival into Ghana at noon tomorrow.

Please, would you pray for our team? Pray that they would not grow weary or discouraged, that all of this would strengthen their character and trust in God, and that they would be delivered from evil.


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