Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday: Ghana Trip March 2013

Our team has been loving on the orphans in Kwahu today, and in the midst, giving them a little taste of heaven. It’s during these moments when it seems that time stops.

Pain, sadness, and distress fade into the background as the children are engaged in play,
receive one-on-one attention,

and are held and soothed to the point that they fall peacefully asleep.
To top off the day, our team took the children to a local restaurant for some music, dancing, more games, and plates of rich food including what they consider a rare treat – pop to drink! To be able to offer these simple treasures to these children is such a changing experience.

Bellies were satisfied.

Hearts were smiling.
And by it all I know that our team’s American perspective was rocked once again.

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