Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New Kicks

If you mistakenly think that boys do not like shoes as much as girls, well then you haven’t been to my house!!! My boys can sniff out a Nike Clearance Store from miles away, and over the past weekend they did just that while at a tournament in Milwaukee with Daddy. When they rolled in late Sunday night, JJ woke me up from a deep slumber because he just knew that I ‘really wanted to see his new shoes.’ :) I actually heard about these shoes three different times on the phone over the weekend….first from JJ, then from Justice, then from a proud Daddy who had to tell his tale of a good deal. Yesterday as soon as JJ woke up he grabbed his shoes, looked them over and said, “I wish I could just stare at these all day.” :) Both JJ and Daddy are the shoe type who wear their new shoes home from the store. Justice has a different ‘shoe personality’….he keeps them in their box until the perfect moment/occasion to break them out for the first time…..that’s more like my shoe personality. :) And with all this shoe talk, what do you suppose the boys brought back for the girls? A big. Stinkin. NOTHING. :) But before you throw us a pity party, check out what we were up to while they were gone….

Those would be Jayla’s first pair of ballet shoes that we purchased over the weekend!!!!! After much debate between signing Jayla up for gymnastics/tumbling or ballet/dance we decided to give Robert Thomas Dancenter in Ames a whirl. Ankeny (where Jake’s gym is) has a great gymnastics/tumbling training center for little kids, so I was trying to choose between the two of them. I always wanted to learn ballet myself, so I just picked the one I liked! If it’s not her thing, we can always switch. When I started looking into dance and gymnastics I was surprised to find that there were no places near us that taught both extensively within the same program. An experienced mom of two acclaimed dancers in our area told me that choosing between dance and gymnastics is like choosing between soccer and basketball…..they are both completely different. Who knew? I was a softballer, so this is all very new to me. :) I do know that we have one ‘dancer’ part accomplished…..on the registration form it says ‘To feel like a dancer, you must look like one’….

Pink ballet shoes…. .............................................................


Leotard, pink tights, optional skirt......................................

Check, check, check!

Yep, looks like we’ve got the first part covered. She looks like a dancer (an oh-so-squeezable one). But can she dance? Well, she seems to think so!!!!!!!!!!

Class starts next Monday! Hope she likes it.....and if she doesn't, at least she looks cute! :)


renee said...

as a mama of two dancers (l-o-n-g time ago), I have to say 1. Robert Thomas is the best. 2. You will LOVE it! (and so will Jayla!)

Lori said...

so cute...you probably don't remember taking gymnastics and mouser-cising your way through the house every day!

FishHawk said...

"Team Sullivan" has been included in this weeks Sites To See. I hope you like the image I featured, and I hope this helps to attract many new visitors here.