Monday, June 27, 2011

A Fantastic Gift!

With grandparents around, our kids will NEVER have a shortage on the toys of childhood, that is for SURE! :) For the kid’s summer birthdays (Jayla ~ May 20th, JJ ~ July 22nd, Justice ~ August 5th) it worked out perfectly for Grandma & Grandpa Sullivan to send one big gift for all three of them…..and boy is it a good one. Mommy even had to bring in some recruits to put it together…..

Uncle Eli & his girlfriend Zoe….........................................

Any guesses yet????????????????????????????????????????

What could it be??????????????????????????????????????????????

Yep, a trampoline!!!!!!!!!! Halfway done..........................

In about 2 hours it was all finished thanks to Uncle Eli’s mad skills (and a little help from Grandma Lori and Zoe)!!!!!!!!!

Now it's time to try it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Video of some jumping fun!

Of course Miss Jayla is the trampoline’s biggest fan! She jumped in it all afternoon and evening with little breaks in between.

During her first jumping break I realized what a great workout she is getting! Her little legs had to be so tired!

But Miss Jayla has ALWAYS enjoyed jumping!!!! In fact, while watching her I had a mommy flashback to this when she was 8 months old!

Thank you Grandpa & Grandma Sullivan for such a GREAT gift idea! And thank you Uncle Eli for spending your Sunday afternoon working away for your favorite red-heads!

And of course, as is the way things seem to be going for us lately, as soon as I wrote this post last night it started storming and blowing…..aka 70mph winds……and in a swoop and a swoosh the trampoline was gone. Or so we thought. We found it across the street in some trees. We had even anchored it down, but apparently not enough! Thankfully we have one tough Daddy and two strong Africans who were on the recovery crew this morning. :)

And, Grandpa Tim will be on his way over to fix the damage and construct a better anchoring system. We had kept the kids up last night until the storm passed in case we needed to go to the basement so they saw the WHOLE thing. :) Jayla was so upset! We’ll get it fixed sweetie!


Lori said...

Wow, it looks in better shape than I thought.

Renee said... thankfully, you found it! someone could have ended up with a very nice gift in their back yard this morning!

Sincerely, Jenni said...

We lost our trampoline in a storm a couple years ago... well, not "lost" persay... it blew up onto our ROOF! The wind slammed it into the rain gutters, which made the trampoline fold up like a taco... then we came home to find it hanging off of our roof.

We decided to not replace it with a new