Friday, February 25, 2011

Justice Taekwondo Board Break

This is a really quick video, but I wanted you to be able to watch Justice breaking a board at taekwondo! They are taught to line themselves up first with a trial run to get positioning, but when they are going to break they are to yell beforehand so that the person who is holding the board has a warning that force is going to be coming.

He makes it look pretty easy doesn't he?! It seems to me that breaking boards is more of a mental game than anything. Of course you have to have good technique, but it is really mind over matter. This is definitely my FAVORITE part about watching taekwondo practice. The girl breaking next to Justice in the video was breaking two boards at once, so double thickness. She and her younger brother are great role models to be looked up to in the class. They are very serious, focused and execute every move perfectly....most say her younger brother is going to be an Olympian. When any of the brown or black belts break boards, the onlookers are in awe. It's pretty neat. Justice is starving to be able to try and break two boards at once, but they won't let him yet. I think he has to learn how to break with his hand first before they add in another board. The technique that Justice used to break is called a reverse side kick. As a white belt he broke boards with a regular side kick. So, the progression will keep going up!

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