Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dau's Story

In light of my post on refugees yesterday I wanted to share the following story today as a way to bring this subject into focus in a more personal way. A few days ago Jake came home with an article written on one of his former players, Dau Jok. Dau played with Jake’s program during the spring/summer of 2009 right before his senior year of high school. During those months our family got to know Dau well, and this young man comes with quite an unbelievable story. Dau ended up receiving a full basketball scholarship to the University of Pennsylvania in the Ivy League, which sits in the heart of Philadelphia. An amazing article was recently written on him and his family’s dramatic escape from his home country of Sudan during the beginning of its civil war. This is a story of bloodshed, family ties, and risky escapes, and yet it is also a story of new beginnings and beautiful opportunities that life in America can bring. I can assure you that the less than 10 minutes it will take you to read this article will be worth it. You can access the article by using this link:


Lori said...

Excellent story. Thanks for sharing.

Kobe Diers said...

Awesome! This will be mandatory reading for Kobe (12) Luke (9) and Sam (17).