Friday, February 11, 2011

JJ Hoopin'

Watching my kids take part in sports activities is SO FUN! JJ has 3 basketball games under his belt now. It’s been so fun to see how much he has learned in just a few weeks! I think the biggest thing his mind has figured out is when it is time for offense, and when it is time for defense. The whole idea of shooting, then going after the rebound, then heading back on defense if your team doesn’t get the ball was sort of a monumental skill for him to grasp! It’s one thing to watch basketball on tv and get a feel for the game. It’s an entirely different thing to actually be out there on the court with 9 other people and figure out what you are supposed to be doing and when! :)

Perfect form, just like Daddy…..only JJ is a lefty!

LOVE this smile!


Whatever you say coach!

Waiting patiently for the next quarter.

We're gonna have to work on this defensive stance! :)

Video: A few assists

Video: Rebounds and an almost lay-up! (make sure you hang on til the end of this one so you can see his smile)

So far, JJ’s game high is 6 points…..and that was on the night that he was sick with a fever and Daddy made him ‘suck it up’ and play (Mommy’s opinion didn’t get to count that night). You can tell from his smile on that last video that he is really loving it!


Lori said...

Now you have to teach him to wink, like his daddy did to you when he made a "3"! LOL. Love that smile.

Kendra Dawn said...

Sooooo cute, to see "little" boys playing!!! Love how unselfish JJ is at such a young age!!!! :) Always getting the ball to someone!!!!


Sincerely, Jenni said...

I absolutely love watching little kids play basketball. That look on their faces when they actually start to "get it" as they are learning is just awesome.

Farmgirl Chaos said...

Looking at the pictures of JJ's form before I read the caption, I saw that he's a lefty. And though....that could be killer skill!
Now, get Jayla out there cheering! :)

renee said...

so cute!