Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Jayla Update

You know my spunky little girl is holding her own among her two brothers right? Oh yes, little Miss Jayla knows right how to make her way in this household. First off, she is starting to sport a ‘motherly attitude’ towards her brothers….i.e. she’s getting a little bossy with them and may actually sometimes convince them that she is the boss! And if she doesn’t get her way? Well, just turn on the tears (it works with Daddy every time). Jayla is still copying everything I say and is sort of a little mini-me. I often have to remind her that she is not the mommy, and that I will take care of doing the ‘bossing’ around here. :) Here are some examples: The second I get dinner set on the table she will holler, “Bo-oyzz…dinner’s READY!!!!!!!” and if JJ does something that she knows he’s going to get in trouble for she will say “JJ, go to your room!” or if she sees me go and start the car and get my purse packed up she will say, “Bo-oyzzz, it’s time to go! Let’s get your shoes on!”. You can imagine how hilarious this is to me as the mom, but I am sure you’ve guessed that JJ and Justice get a little annoyed! Jayla has also started to take an interest into everything that I do in the kitchen. She likes to pull up the little desk chair and stand on it and watch as I prepare meals or do the dishes. She always says, “Mommy, can I help you?”

Jayla’s favorite thing to do is still to take care of her baby dolls. The other day Jake was working at the dining room table and he had observed Jayla most of the day and he said, “Does she ever stop talking to her dolls?” This is the one thing that I LOVE about Jayla, because she can occupy herself for long amounts of time with her dolls, and I know that she is having fun! Everything that she says or does with her dollies is usually something that I say or do with her. For instance, one day her favorite baby fell off the couch and I heard her say, “Oh no, are you ok? I know, I know, that hurts doesn’t it? It will be alright.” and then she hugged her baby and rubbed her back! She also loves taking her dolls around in the strollers, and now that we can be outside a little more she takes trips up and down the sidewalk over and over pushing the stroller. The other day she was playing in her room and when I went to check on her she was reading to her baby in bed just like I do with her before nap time!
Let’s see, right now Jayla will also tell you that she doesn’t like frogs, alligators, sharks, wearing socks or shoes, or wearing coats/sweatshirts. Usually she is barefoot, and running around in her little tank tops that she wears under her zip-ups. Jayla also is in love with the book ‘Go Dog Go’ right now and we read it every day before nap time. She also has taken a liking to stuffed animals lately, especially puppies, which has been fun for Jake because he also loves stuffed animals and especially loves giving them as gifts. Here was our Valentines Day present…flowers for me and a puppy for Jayla.

When I told her the puppy was for her she said, “For me?!?!?! From my Daddy?” and then she got a big smile, took the puppy and squeezed it and said, “I love him.” :)

And here is a little comparison of me and Jayla around the same age. I love doing these! If you ignore the hair color and hair dos, we have similar smiles/faces. That is Jayla on the left and a picture of me on the right....I think I was around 3 years in my picture.

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