Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Home for Christmas

Recognize anyone in this photo?
Yep, that’s Yaw and Ezekiel in there! Their team, the Gillette College Pronghorns, just beat their biggest rival - #15th ranked Sheridan College in Division I junior college basketball! So exciting! They are currently 9-3 on the season, with two games left before Christmas break. Yaw and Ezekiel will be coming home for Christmas break on Monday! There will definitely be a house full of people who are anticipating their arrival….

Jayla especially has been SO CONFUSED by Yaw’s departure, and she is even MORE CONFUSED about chatting with Yaw on skype! It will be fun to see her reaction when she sees her long lost friend in person!

1 comment:

alan and steph said...

I didn't know you have Skype? We totally need to Skype sometime. I'd love to "meet" your family.