Wednesday, December 8, 2010

From the Mouths of My Loves

In the grocery store JJ was helping me put the groceries up on the belt at the check-out line….he dropped a glass jar of spaghetti sauce and it shattered all over the floor. Once they called over someone to help clean it up he looked at me with HUGE tears in his eyes and said, “Am I going to jail?”

Justice: “Mommy, can I see your IPOD when we get home?”
BoldMommy: “Yes.”
Jayla: “Mommy, can I see your eyeball when we get home?”
Then lotsa giggles from the backseat!!!!

JJ: “When my Daddy played for Iowa State did his team beat the Hawkeyes?”
Mommy: “Sometimes.”
JJ: “What do you mean? Did his team win or lose?”
Mommy: “Sometimes Daddy’s team beat the Hawkeyes, but sometimes the Hawkeyes beat Daddy’s team.”
JJ: “Oh.” then a few moments thinking and then….“The Hawkeyes must be pretty good.”

About 30 seconds into my ever-longed-for morning shower bliss Jayla comes in and hollers out “Mommy I have to go poop!!!!!”

While in the car JJ says to Jake: “Daddy, when the light turns yellow you are supposed to slow down, but if Mommy is driving she doesn’t slow down she goes really fast.”

Justice: “All I want for Christmas is a mohawk.”

Jayla: “There’s an alligator in my room and he scratched my back.”

JJ: “Grandma Lori is really, really, really, really old. She’s 50!!!!”

Justice: “Can real reindeer fly?”

Sam: “When you were a kid did you ever wish you were an adult?”

Justice: “Our orange cat is the strongest cat I have ever seen!” (when Justice says ‘strong’ he means ‘tough’)
JJ: “Yeah, he’s stronger than Lebron James!”

Mommy: “At Christmas-time we celebrate Jesus’ birthday.”
JJ: “How are we going to get Jesus his birthday presents all the way up to heaven?”

Mommy: “We might get to go to the Cyclone and Hawkeye game this week!”
JJ: “Oh yeah! I’m going to cheer for the Hawkeyes! Go Hawkeyes go! Go Hawkeyes go!”
Mommy: “You can’t cheer for the Hawkeyes, because you were born a Cyclone. Daddy was a Cyclone and Mommy was a Cyclone so you have Cyclone blood inside your body.”
JJ: “What?!?!?!”



Jon & Jennifer said...

Oh just hilarious!! And for goodness sakes...let him cheer for the Hawkeyes! (they need it!)

Lori said...

Thanks a lot JJ. If I'm really that old, then what is Great-Grandma?! Hahaha. I love it in the car when they ask, "Grandma, do you have food at your house?"

Kendra Dawn said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the part that JJ said he was going to cheer for the Hawkeyes...I literally laughed out loud.
Jerzey always tells me she likes Cy, but I remind her we like Herky better!!! :)

Michelle said...

They make me SMILE!!! So their wit and their sweet little hearts :) Thanks for sharing all your quotes :)