Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tag I'm it; bucket list cross off; san fran giants; & Jesus loves me Jayla style

I’ve been tagged by the Dillinger Family blog and I am supposed to answer some questions - these things are kind of fun. Here we go:

1. What was the last book you read and what did you learn from it?
Well, I am sort of notorious for reading a couple of different books at the same time and never really fully finishing any of them! So, the last book that I can say I actually read completely start to finish was Crazy Love by Francis Chan. Definitely my favorite book ever. The book was really a great ‘bubble burst-er’… know we can all get caught up in our own little world, and this book sort of pops your bubble in a ka-pow sort of way! I just loaned my copy to a friend so I can’t type up my favorite excerpt, but one chapter started off like this – “You could die before you finish reading this chapter….”

2. Where in your home do you like to go to relax and unwind?
I have a little nook concocted in our master bedroom closet when I need some quiet (and it has a door that locks out little crazy people - very important for this season of life when you need some peace).

3. If you could relive one day in your life, what date would that be and why?
Man these are good questions! I think I would relive our wedding day!!!!!!!!!!!! All that planning and excitement and then it was over too fast! Plus, I spent too much time talking to all the guests during the reception and not enough time out on the dance floor!

4. What is your favorite movie?
Marley & Me, Hope Floats, Love & Basketball, Save the Last Dance. I can’t ever pick just one.

5. Would you rather lose a friendship because of honesty, or keep a friendship because of a lie?
I dig honesty.

6. How long does it take for you to get ready in the morning (from the time you get up, to the time you walk out the door)?
I could be ready and out the door in as little as 15 minutes if I need to get flying. Otherwise, if I can take my time and actually shower (!) then it can be done within 1 Dora the Explorer episode! :)

7. What is your favorite holiday and why?
CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!! The snow, the music, the food, the warm and coziness, the celebrations, the sights, the LOVE. No other holiday beats any of that.

I will soon get to cross one item off of my bucket list!!!!!!!! Any guesses? I’ll fill you in next week.

When the San Francisco Giants made it to the World Series last week Jake reminded me of a funny story. I have family that live in San Francisco, and a few years ago Jake and I traveled out there for my cousin’s wedding. And while we were there we took in a game…..

I almost don’t even recognize us in this picture because it was before we had any kids! Just me and Jake! Anyways, you see that popcorn in the picture? Well, about 2 minutes before this picture was taken, I had asked Jake if he would go and get me some popcorn. I was FREEZING and couldn’t move for fear that I would turn into an icicle. Being the nice guy that he is, he quickly ran to get me some popcorn during the beginning of the game…..and…… unfortunately, within the first few minutes that he was gone Barry Bonds hit a homerun (and it was during the time when BB was on track to break the record). And it ended up being the only one he hit the entire game. And, now, almost 7 years later, Jake still will not let me live this down! Now that you’ve read this entire story and were probably thinking that it was going to be a better story than it was, well, it’s my turn to tag some of you! So, whoever is reading this and wants to do it, share a picture on your blog that has a ‘story’ behind it – a story that none of us would have ever known just by looking at the picture. :)

And last but not least… is our sweet Jayla singing Jesus Loves Me. :) She has been breaking out into song randomly throughout the day, and I just love it! You have to crank the volume because crazy man #1 (JJ) and #2 (Justice) are having a heated game of NBA Wii while I was recording. I sort of missed the first part of her song, so this video starts out with her singing ‘for the Bible tells me so, little ones to Him belong…’

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Lori said...

That is Jayla's quiet spot that she runs to when she needs to block out the 'boys'. And I like the stylin' socks! LOL!