Friday, October 8, 2010

Jayla Pretend Reading

The other day Justice was watching Jayla ‘read’ aloud and he asked me if she really knew how to read! She does such a good job pretending that I think she could definitely fool some people! During her reading episodes she flips through the pages in the book and says a bunch of mish-mash, but also throws in a few recognizable words relevant to the picture on the page. Her favorite thing to do is this:

She sets up her little ‘classroom’ all in a row and ‘reads’ them a book. If she is in the mood, she sometimes will sit and do this for about 15-20 minutes straight with a pile of books! In fact, the other day in the waiting room at the doctor’s office she started doing this with the Reader’s Digest magazine! It was hilarious! When it was time for Justice to go get his blood drawn, one of the nurses decided to keep Jayla out in the waiting room so I could help Justice better. We went off to a side room to do the blood work, and came out about 5 minutes later and Jayla was still reading the Reader’s Digest out loud to the nurse! What a sight!

Here are a few videos of her in action….

Starting to 'read'….

Still reading.....

The end!


Lori said...

YOU used to do the exact same thing, set up all your babies and read to them. We had those books with the cassette tape and you'd sit and read along to your babies. :)

renee said...

omygosh, Janel, those videos are so cute and I love how she says something as clear as day and then it goes into that "mish-mash" and it all runs together... made my day! and BELIEVE me, I needed that! :)