Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My Bucket List

(Things I want to do before I kick the bucket!)

-Work at Sea World

-Train for and run a marathon

-Work at a coffee shop

-Go to Disney’s Animal Kingdom

-Live in a stucco house with a red, clay tile roof

-Own a convertible

-Work in an orphanage

-Get the tattoo I have wanted for 2 years

-Try out to be on Wheel of Fortune

-Take a ride on a motorcycle

-Live less than 5 blocks from an ocean

-Visit Italy

-Visit Hawaii

-Get my nose re-pierced

-Get a golden retriever and name him Murphy
-Cut my hair into a bob

-Plant a garden


Lori said...

I only see 2 things that I would NOT join you in doing...the tattoo and the nose-piercing :) And I would cheer you on in the marathon! And watch your kids :)

Carol P. Howard said...

Wow, what a difference many years make. All I would have on my list, from your list is to plant a garden. We are having one this year, but I've already taken a bad fall. I will be so sad when I have to give up the garden. Penny

Kendra Dawn said...

I love the list, because I see a lot of things I want to do too!!!!

Kari said...

Hey Janel! Good seeing you at church on Sunday! I like your looks like there are a lot of things you will actually be able to accomplish:) The simple things in life are the best! I have a blog now so I've been looking for others to read!! Have a good day!