Friday, August 13, 2010

Our Samuels and Their Birthdays

Today is our other Samuel’s birthday!!!!

11th birthday to be exact!
And, in case you are wondering what 11 year olds want to do for their birthday, well, the final decision has been contemplated for weeks! Sam was all across the board floating around ideas like going to Adventureland, The Lost Island Waterpark, Perfect Games in Ames, and some others. Then just a few days ago he decided that he wanted to have a big sleepover with all of his friends and teammates at the Kingdom Hoops gym. Perfect. It will be one last bash before school starts for Sam next week (can you believe school starts next week?!?!). We’re thinking pizzas, friends, and basketball – all night long. Can’t beat that!

Also, I wanted to share pictures from our Ghana Samuel’s birthday party that took place last weekend! Samuel is staying with Esi’s aunt while Esi and family are here in the U.S. Apparently Esi’s aunt is quite the baker, so she planned a little party for Samuel, complete with a birthday cake. In Ghana it is a treat to have Coco-cola and Fanta pop at your celebration, so you will see that Samuel got to have some at his party. Esi’s aunt invited some of the neighborhood boys, and she made a nice meal complete with chicken and jollof rice. I wish I could jump right into these pictures and be there. He needs a big hug from his mummy.

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Lori said...

Happy Birthday to Sam! And Samuel looks so grown up!