Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Down on the Farm

The other night over dinner Nana was asking Jake about farming in Iowa. Since Jake isn’t exactly an expert in this area….ahem….he decided to take Nana to a farm so he could experience it firsthand! So, yesterday we headed out to Mitchellville to Dave & Karen Bruxvoort’s farm. The Bruxvoort’s have 4 boys, 3 of which play in the Kingdom Hoops program. Oh man we had such a great time on the farm! In fact, after the evening was over Esi said it was her most favorite experience so far since being here! And actually, it was a really fun experience for JJ and Jayla too! Of course they’ve been to the country before, but they haven’t really gotten to experience the joys of farm life! Enjoy the pictures!

Chatting with Farmer Dave….

Jayla gets adventurous!

Found a cowgirl hat!

This hangs in Karen's kitchen.

Aku has wanted to swing since they got here last week, and now she finally gets the chance!

The farm wouldn't be complete without an old hound dog sleeping.

Esi checks out the tractor!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nana also sat in the tractor and took it for a spin down the driveway!!!!!

Tree house

My favorite part....this swimming pool!

What a view!

While the kids swam Farmer Dave took Nana & Esi around in his pick-up truck to show them the land and his fields. They also got to visit the Pioneer seed plant and the John Deere distributor. They were gone with Dave for about an hour and when they got back they were full of ideas for starting some farming in Ghana. Jake and I were joking that once they get back to Ghana they will have some farming up and going in about a week! Esi and Nana are very industrious and hard working…..and the wheels in their minds are always turning!

After the tour of the farm we got to taste some good ol Iowa ham. YUMMO! MY FAVORITE!!!!!!

And the perfect ending to a perfect afternoon……a bonfire and some marshmallow roasting!

We had such a GREAT time!!!!!!!!! Thank you Bruxvoort's!!!!!!!!


Lori said...

i think you need to move to the country...lots of space for everyone!

Jolene McCoy said...

I really enjoy reading your blog!

Tamara B said...

how cool!