Wednesday, August 11, 2010

At Grandma's

Over this past weekend we took everyone to my mom’s house for some down-home cookin! She and my Grandma split the cooking duties…one of them handled lunch, the other dinner. :) I just have to share some of my favorite pictures from the day! You see, my mom got a brand spankin’ new camera for her 50th birthday….she saved and saved all last year, and then she shopped and shopped until she found just the right one. Turns out she is a rebel. A cannon rebel that is. And it takes awesome, crisp, clear, pictures! Take a look…..

And guess who gets to use her old camera (which has a few years logged on it but is still an upgrade from my little digital)? Yes, yours truly. Thanks mom! I am excited to finally have a camera that takes ACTION pictures! I am going to need it in this crazy house! :)

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