Thursday, August 26, 2010

Jayla's First Haircut

The hardest part of the ordeal proved to be getting the BEFORE picture! She ran…..

But eventually I chased her down!
Before Clip #1

And #2

Yes, I know I know. It’s about time we tamed the wild bird’s nest. And yesterday was the BIG day. I took her to my hairstylist, Miss Jill.

And Jayla was in serious mode.

It was like she was in a trance! She sat. Perfectly. Still.

And then with a few snips here....

And a few combs there.....

We had reached perfection.

A new spunky 'do for my lil spunky munchkin.

And a sucker for making it easy on all of us.

And one for big brother too.



Nate and Natalie said...

Super cute! She looked so nervous.

Kendra Dawn said...

Totally adorable......and I love seeing a picture of Jill....I love how long her hair is now!

Caitlin said...

How adorable! It totally made her little curls spring up. :)

renee said...