Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Thanks Chicago!

Well, Key Lime Cove in Chicago turned out to be quite the perfect place for a little mini vacation for us! We were there for a tournament with some of Jake’s younger teams, but we still had plenty of time to play! The pictures on the resort website did not even come close to showing how great this place is! First of all, the hotel was huge…..the only thing I can really compare it to is what the hotels in Las Vegas are like. Each room was decorated like a tropical getaway, and the main walkways were decorated like streets. So, as you walked down them you felt like you were outside. The hotel had tons of little surf shops inside as well as restaurants, a place to get your picture taken with parrots, an art area for kids, dance parties, artists that could draw personalized pictures with your name or they could draw a picture of you, full blown arcade, not to mention the awesome indoor waterpark. Holy cow, it was huge…..tons of little slides for the kids, wave pool, lazy river, 2 mini body slides and 2 huge body slides, and 3 tube slides including one with a funnel!

The night before we left we found out that Nana Yaw’s mom had never let him go swimming….ever! Apparently in Ghana there have been quite a few people who have drowned in the river that runs through the country….so water carries a negative connotation there. So, Nana Yaw had never been in a pool, let alone down a waterslide! So, for our first day at the waterpark we had him start off on one of the mini body slides. He smiled all the way up the stairs….and once he was down the slide he had the biggest smile on his face that I had ever seen. It was pretty neat being with him during his first experience in the water! After that he and Jake and Coach Julian went down every single slide about a million times. JJ, Jayla and Nyla LOVED the water, especially the wave pool and mini slides. I couldn’t believe how fascinated Jayla was with the water….she was not scared of it at all! She splashed and splashed and splashed and giggled the entire time! Here are some pictures of our getaway:

Hangin in the kiddie pool

Here I come Yaw!


Here's Yaw waiting in line to go down his first waterslide. Of course I took a picture as he went down but it didn't turn out!

Hanging in Yaw's room

It's a party at the gym!

Watching the game...notice JJ is sitting with his hands just like Yaw. :)

Best seat in the house
Headed to the Nike Outlet!


Hollie said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! We may have to try that sometime:)

Jon and Jennifer said...

Sounds like you had a great trip, I showed the website to Jon and said by the end of the summer or early fall we need to go to this place, the boys would love it!!

Michelle said...

What a fun place! I LOVE that you got to be a part of Nana Yaw's first water experience, he looked like he had so much fun! And how great for the kids to play too (and the big kids...) :)