Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My version

Before I was a Mom….

I never knew how to get permanent marker off a kitchen countertop,

and it never crossed my mind to take up stock in Little Tikes,

and I didn’t know how good a nap could really feel.

Before I was a Mom….

I never wondered if I would see the brown horse out on my walk,
And I didn’t know that my strength training would include pushing a double stroller,

And I didn’t know how cute little 2 year old freckles looked on a little 2 year old nose.

Before I was a Mom….

I didn’t know how much babies loved to swing,

And I never schemed and plotted to find the easiest way to paint baby toenails,

And I never noticed how many kids had treasured blankies.
Before I was a Mom….

I never owned a purse big enough to fit a basketball,

And I had never put ‘take a shower’ on my to do list for the day,

And I never got distracted in the store aisles filled with little girl dresses.

Before I was a Mom…..

I never loved the phrase ‘Watch me Mommy!,

And I had never made a travel packing list for each member of the family,

And I never thought I would say, “No, you cannot have macaroni & cheese for breakfast.”

Before I was a Mom I never got teary-eyed watching siblings play,

And I never was so thankful for such a good husband who is such a good dad,

And I never knew how peaceful it was to hold a sleeping baby in my arms.

Before I was a Mom I had never prayed so hard, laughed so hard, and loved so hard.

Before I was a Mom I had never looked so intently at my own inward character.

Before I was a Mom I had never wanted so much for someone so little.

And, I certainly didn’t know how fast time really went, before I was a Mom.


renee0576 said...

now who's teary-eyed!? :)

Kendra Dawn said...

I love that poem....you are so creative!