Saturday, March 28, 2009

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JJ has started to take an interest in his little tikes hoop again. He got it out the other day, and we noticed that he has started to jump while shooting now. Jake did not teach him this, but he must have learned it by watching the other players at the gym. You'll also notice in the video that JJ is left-handed, just like Grandpa Sullivan. He was a natural-born left hander...we did not try to 'form' this...he has always done everything with his left-hand...even as an infant.

Video: Doing what big brothers do...

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Jon and Jennifer said...

oh my funny. JJ really has learned a lot from watching the "big kids". The video of JJ putting up Jayla's hood, made me laugh out loud. This is probably just the beginning of her getting picked on from her big brother, but it looked like she loved the attention from JJ. Too cute!