Monday, March 16, 2009


Just wanted to post a few recent pictures!

I made a trade with Daddy - my rattle for his blackberry!

Capture my good side, Grandma.

JJ shares his chair....what a nice guy.

Saturday night we had some friends over to cheer the Ames High boys' team on to their state title!
Daddy day care was in full swing!

The mom's didn't get a night off either. From the left it is Stacy & baby JJ, Nyla, baby Halle, Kayley being held by Kris, and Jayla crying for her mommy!

Jayla (9.5 months) and baby JJ (7 months). Baby JJ is crawling!

JJ (2.5 years), Kayley (2 years) & Nyla (4 years) played great together. Jake went into JJ's room to check on them and they were sitting on the floor playing the Fishing Game. They had gotten it out and started playing it all on their own.
JJ's room by the end of the night (this picture doesn't really do it justice).

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